At MileTrackGPS we are all about helping you organize and simplify your life by helping you simplify how you track your mileage.

Life is busy and chaotic and whatever makes it easier is good.

We want to save you from what makes your life boring and frustrating.

We want to save you from more tedium, more busywork, more paper-pushing, more spreadsheets, more time on your computer and phone, more time generating reports.

We want you to be able to easily get mileage reimbursement checks without having that uneasy feeling you sometimes have when you want your mileage reimbursement but you don’t want to go to your boss’s office with your mileage log in your hand and ask for it.

We want to make your life better by making it easier and less frustrating: easier to submit mileage when doing your taxes, easier to keep track of your trips, easier to turn off your device when you want to, easier to take control of how you travel.

With MileTrackGPS you just have to plug in your device when you want to track your trips and those trips automatically populate on your own or your boss’s dashboard, and at the end of the pay period, you receive your mileage reimbursement check with your normal paycheck, and that’s that.

No more messy manual logging or timid walks to your boss’s office to ask for your reimbursement check.

Simply plug in your MileTrackGPS device, drive, and get paid.